5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Cosplay

Don’t get me wrong, it’s all about having fun. There’s no requirement for you to go all out on your cosplay, but if you’re looking for some easy ways to make your cosplay look a lot better, here are some simple tips.

Iron Your Cosplay

Iron Your Cosplay

Ironing your cosplay will make it look so much better

Even if you carefully hang up your costumes, odds are that they’ve gotten a few wrinkles during transit. Some fabrics just seem to crease if you look at them too hard. Taking a few minutes before getting dressed to iron the wrinkles from your cosplay will make it look 100x better. There’s nothing sadder than an amazing cosplay diminished by the wrinkles of traveling 4 hours in a suitcase. Special victims of this are cotton uniforms, such as Bleach uniforms and Akatsuki robes. Caution! Some fabrics cannot be ironed or require extreme care. Be very careful when attempting to iron silk, satin, or other formal fabrics.

False Eyelashes

I can hear the groans of endless cosplayers, and I know that false lashes are a huge pain, but for the majority of female characters they really make a big difference. I too once doubted that lashes could make much of a difference, but trust me – they do. It takes some practice to be able to put them on your face with any success, but once you’re able to you’ll see what a huge difference it makes.

Wig Caps

wig cap

Wig Caps will tame your locks

I would assume that most folks who cosplay know of the magic of wig caps, but if you haven’t, you need to hear the good news. Wig caps come in different styles, and some may not need them, but they offer an easy way to put all of that glorious mane up under your wig. Ever seen someone wearing a short wig somehow reveal waist-long curls underneath? Wig caps, friend.

Makeup – For Guys Too

Makeup is a huge factor in taking your costuming to the next level. Even if you don’t go in for the full-body stuff, taking the time to watch a few tutorials and learn the basics of great makeup is well worth the effort. Once your ready to take your skills a step further, take a look at contouring techniques. These will let you alter your face for different looks.

For you guys out there – I don’t care how beautiful of a man you are and how many ladies fall at your feet as you walk by – wearing makeup will make you more attractive. There’s zero shame in smearing pigments on your face to give yourself a more even skin tone. I’m aware that most dudes don’t know a damn thing about makeup cause they’ve never had to use it, but there are countless tutorials online to get you started, or I’m sure that you have a lovely lady friend who would be glad to help you out. It will really make a big difference and will even open up your ability to alter your look for different characters.


heel lifts

Adjustable heel lifts can make you just a little taller

This obviously won’t apply to everyone, but if you (like me) suffer from being shorter than most of the characters you cosplay, there’s an easy option out there for you. They’re called lifts (also known as insoles), and they’re inserts that you put in your shoes to make you taller. They make permanent options called “elevator shoes”, but those can be pretty pricey (see $50+ per pair) and are mostly made for men. Platforms are also an option, but those can be easily seen and I personally don’t care for them. For a mere $10-15 you can find a decent pair of lifts on Amazon that consist of different layers that you can combine to make yourself between ½” to 3” taller. These are the ones I use: http://www.amazon.com/Height-Lifting-Inserts-Men-Women/dp/B00845QKC0, but there are many on the market. If you’re cosplaying that one particularly-tall character in a group, these can be really handy in helping you rise to the occasion.

Have any tips or tricks that can help out your fellow cosplayers? Questions about something in this post? Let me know in the comments below!

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