Genderbend vs. Crossplay: Using these Terms Correctly

Every hobby has its jargon, and cosplay is no exception. There are a handful of terms that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere, and since there’s no required reading to explain all the basics of the big world of conventions,  some of the meanings of these words may elude people, especially if you’re not a cosplayer yourself. Continue reading

How Not to Be a Dick to your Photographer

Cosplay Photography

Project Kai Studios – Photography and Design shooting with xWhiteRussia Cosplay, who is never a dick to photographers.

If you’re a cosplayer in any capacity, you’ll be interacting and forming relationships with a variety of photographers and videographers. Working with cosplay photographers to get amazing shots is just part of the fun, but you may be a little confused about how to go about this rather odd and probably unprecedented relationship. I’m going to assume that you have every intention to be a good person and form great relationships with your buddies who are shooting with you, so here are some basics to avoid unintentionally pissing off your photographer friends.

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